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Album: Badabum cha cha [free mp3]

Release: 2008 year
Artist: Marracash
Album Tracks: 16 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Badabum cha cha download


File Size      #
1. Marracash - Marracash.mp3 (3.13mb) download
2. Marracash - Skit.mp3 (1.42mb) download
3. Marracash - Badabum Cha Cha.mp3 (3.84mb) download
4. Marracash - Non So Dirtelo.mp3 (3.62mb) download
5. Marracash - Bastavano Le Briciole.mp3 (4.15mb) download
6. Marracash - Chiedi Alla Polvere.mp3 (4.66mb) download
7. Marracash - Ti Piace Parlare Eh.mp3 (4.31mb) download
8. Marracash - Far Piovere Cash.mp3 (4.23mb) download
9. Marracash - Dritto Al Punto.mp3 (3.38mb) download
10. Marracash - Wow! [feat. Gue Pequeno & J Ax.mp3 (3.50mb) download
11. Marracash - Solo Io E Te.mp3 (4.36mb) download
12. Marracash - Bacia La Mano [feat. Vincenzo da Via Anfossi & Jake La Furia].mp3 (4.11mb) download
13. Marracash - Trappole.mp3 (3.83mb) download
14. Marracash - Voglio Andare Al Mare [feat. Johnny Lambo].mp3 (3.00mb) download
15. Marracash - Bastavano Le Briciole RMX.mp3 (4.13mb) download
16. Marracash - Triste Ma Vero [feat. Co'Sang].mp3 (3.74mb) download

Album: Marracash [free mp3]

Release: 2008 year
Artist: Marracash
Album Tracks: 15 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Marracash download


File Size      #
1. Marracash - Tutto questo.mp3 (10.40mb) download
2. Marracash - Badabum cha cha.mp3 (8.92mb) download
3. Marracash - Dritto al punto.mp3 (7.86mb) download
4. Marracash - Chiedi alla polvere 2008.mp3 (11.09mb) download
5. Marracash - La danza della pioggia.mp3 (9.95mb) download
6. Marracash - Solo io e te.mp3 (10.21mb) download
7. Marracash - Fattore wow feat.J.Ax'e Gue Pequeno.mp3 (8.15mb) download
8. Marracash - Quello che deve arrivare (arriva arriva) feat.Jake La Furia.mp3 (9.56mb) download
9. Marracash - Triste ma vero feat.Co Sang.mp3 (8.76mb) download
10. Marracash - Bastavano le briciole.mp3 (9.72mb) download
11. Marracash - Estate in citta.mp3 (6.89mb) download
12. Marracash - Si si con la testa.mp3 (10.15mb) download
13. Marracash - L ultima settimana.mp3 (8.47mb) download
14. Marracash - Fatti un giro nel quartiere.mp3 (6.48mb) download
15. Marracash - Trappole.mp3 (9.04mb) download

Album: La Mia Prigione [free mp3]

Release: 0 year
Artist: Marracash
Album Tracks: 24 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

La Mia Prigione download


File Size      #
1. Marracash - Intro (prodotta da La Furia).mp3 (1.61mb) download
2. Marracash - Popolare - Marracash (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (5.42mb) download
3. Marracash - Chiedi Alla Polvere - Marracash (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (5.61mb) download
4. Marracash - You Know NA MI - Club Dogo feat Co Sang (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (6.87mb) download
5. Marracash - Cal.9 mm - Vincenzo (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (4.69mb) download
6. Marracash - Castigo - Gue Pequeno feat. Fa.mp3 (4.41mb) download
7. Marracash - Milano Odia - Ted Bundy feat Gue Pequeno (prodotta da Del).mp3 (4.43mb) download
8. Marracash - Serpi - La Furia (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (7.17mb) download
9. Marracash - V.I.P support skit parte 1.mp3 (0.61mb) download
10. Marracash - Le Voglio Piene - Marracash feat. La Furia (prodotta da Tiziano Gesso).mp3 (4.99mb) download
11. Marracash - Roccia Music - Marracash feat. La Furia & Royal Mehdi (prodotta da Del).mp3 (6.67mb) download
12. Marracash - Accendini e Benzina - Vincenzo feat. Fuossera, Marracash(prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (4.66mb) download
13. Marracash - Regole - Marracash feat. Misa (prodotta da Del).mp3 (4.96mb) download
14. Marracash - Parati Le SpalleTurn Around - Thug Team feat. Gue Pequeno (prodotta da Del).mp3 (5.46mb) download
15. Marracash - V.I.P Support skit parte 2.mp3 (0.27mb) download
16. Marracash - Nuovo Papa - Marracash (prodotta da Del).mp3 (4.15mb) download
17. Marracash - Il Gioco - Marracash feat. Inoki (prodotta da Shablo).mp3 (6.89mb) download
18. Marracash - Sinfonia N.7 - Gue Pequeno fea.mp3 (5.49mb) download
19. Marracash - V.I.P Support skit parte 3.mp3 (0.27mb) download
20. Marracash - Grezzo Poema - Vincenzo (prodotta da Del).mp3 (3.60mb) download
21. Marracash - La Mia Prigione - Marracash (prodotta da Don Joe).mp3 (4.44mb) download
22. Marracash - Put Me Down - Del (prodotta da Del).mp3 (4.89mb) download
23. Marracash - Popolare exclusive Busdeez rmx.mp3 (4.87mb) download
24. Marracash - Roccia Anthem (freestyle) - Dogo Gang (prodotta da Del).mp3 (6.16mb) download

[ Aerosmith: Amazing ]

Artist: Aerosmith
Song: Amazing

And let the wrong ones in
Had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins
There were times in my life
When I was goin' insane
Tryin' to walk through
The pain
When I lost my grip
And I hit the floor
Yeah,I thought I could leave but couldn't get out the door
I was so sick and tired
Of livin' a lie
I was wishin that I
Would die


It's Amazing
With the blink of an eye you finally see the light
It's Amazing
When the moment arrives that you know you'll be alright
It's Amazing
And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

That one last shot's a Permanent Vacation
And how high can you fly with broken wings?
Life's a journey not a destination
And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings

You have to learn to crawl
Before you learn to walk
But I just couldn't listen to all that righteous talk, oh yeah
I was out on the street,
Just tryin' to survive
Scratchin' to stay


Desperate hearts, desperate hearts

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